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Welcome to Product News!

The latest and greatest Ad Studio product updates all in one place.

by Pratik Gadamasetti

Welcome to Product News! Your go-to resource for the latest feature announcements and other relevant product updates. We’ve had a busy year, and we can’t thank our customers enough for helping us improve every step of the way.

Check out some of the exciting recent updates to the platform below!

  • Improvements to our targeting suite

    • Interest targeting (new segments released in November): Reach audiences based on their podcast, playlist, and platform listening behavior. New segments: business, commuting, and theater.
    • Postal code targeting (released in October): Add one or multiple postal codes when selecting the locations you’re looking to target. Postal code targeting is available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and joins our existing country, state, DMA, and city targeting tools. postaltargeting-demo
    • 140,000+ geographic locations available to target (released in September): In addition to adding postal code targeting, we expanded our availability of geographic locations around the world.
    • Real-time context targeting (released in August): Connect with audiences in key screenless moments — like when they’re working out, studying, or partying.
  • Other updates to help you level up your campaigns

    • Duplicate ads (released in November): Create copies of previous or current campaigns with ease in your ads and ad details.
    • Drafts (released in September) Pick up right where you left off by selecting drafts in the left panel of the your ads view and choosing the campaign you want to work on.
    • Edit campaigns with ease (released in July): You can now edit live campaigns in your ads and ad details. You’re able to edit at all phases of your campaign, including while an ad is pending approval or after an ad has been rejected.
    • Revamped CSV export (released in July): Export customizable CSVs of your campaigns with new reporting options in your ads. Simply select which campaigns and metrics you would like to view, and download away!

We’re excited about these updates and many more to come. We’re continuously looking to improve the platform, so check back regularly to learn about our latest updates.