Audio advertising on Spotify made easy

No matter the size of your business or fan base, Ad Studio lets you be heard in the moment.

How to create your ad

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How to create your ad

  1. Tell us what you’re promoting
  2. Set your targeting and budget
  3. Build or add your creative

Not sure how to make an audio ad?

Our voiceover artists are on standby. Check out how to get started.


Write your script

First, tell us what you want your ad to say and how it should sound. Choose your ad’s language, your preferred voice profile, and pick background music from our library of tracks recorded by independent artists.

Voiceover recorded

Your request is sent to our talented voiceover artists — they record your voiceover for no additional charge. Then, we mix the voiceover with your background music and produce the ad. Have we mentioned it’s totally free?

Review your ad

Within 24-48 hours, your ad is ready to be reviewed. You have the option to approve it, make changes, or reject it. Once approved, your ad is ready to be heard.

Why advertise on Spotify Ad Studio?

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Your target audience is here

170 million¹ monthly active ad-supported listeners use Spotify to soundtrack their lives. We can help you reach the audience that matters most. ¹As of June 30, 2020

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It’s an efficient solution for any budget

The budget minimum is just 250.00 in your local currency, and the platform is self-serve — get started in minutes. Simply and quickly get your ads live, make edits, and view reporting.

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Your ad is delivered at the right moment

We pay attention to how listeners stream and when screens are in or out of focus to get your message heard when it’s most relevant.

Listen to an ad

This is an example of how ads look and sound on mobile and desktop. Click the image to preview the ad experience.

Get your message heard