Meet your audience

Get to know Spotify’s ad-supported listeners and how Ad Studio can help you connect with them.

by Kristen Majewski

If you want to get to know someone quickly, ask them what’s on their favorite playlist. Why? Because music is personal, emotional, and authentic — it's central to people's lives, and can tell you a lot about them.

Millions of listeners use Spotify to soundtrack their lives because we help them discover the music they love. So it’s no surprise that Spotify is the place where people show their true colors with no filter.

Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming subscription service with 248 million monthly active users.¹ 141 million² of those monthly active users are ad-supported listeners, meaning they don’t pay for Spotify Premium. These are the listeners that will hear your ads in relevant moments while they stream. But regardless of whether people are ad-supported or Premium, we make sure the listener comes first across both experiences.

Both types of listeners have access to our library of over 3 billion playlists, 50 million songs, and 500,000 podcast titles, and can create personalized playlists and stream new releases. Where the experiences differ is in that ad-supported listeners hear ads while listening to music and podcasts, while Premium listeners only heard ads while listening to podcasts. Furthermore, Premium listeners have the ability to play any track and can listen offline, while ad-supported listeners have the ability to play any track on select playlists only and cannot listen offline.

Our ad-supported audience streams 2.5 hours on a given day,³ and all of this streaming helps fuel our ad experience. We believe music is a mirror, reflecting how people are really feeling and what they’re doing in any given moment. Because audio stays with people all day long and our listeners are logged-in with one persistent identity across their devices, the more people stream music and podcasts, the more we learn.

It’s this data — we call it our streaming intelligence — that lets us have 141 million audiences of 1. It sounds impossible, but because of Spotify’s ubiquity and deep fan engagement, we’re able to create a unique, personalized version of Spotify for each listener. It also helps us deliver your ad at the right moment to the right people.

Earlier this year, we conducted a custom survey⁴ where we asked listeners, “Which services do you pay for/subscribe to?” The responses show our ad-supported and Premium listeners pay for content at nearly the same rate across many services. These results are super powerful because they debunk the notion that ad-supported listeners can’t afford to pay for a Premium subscription and have less purchasing power.

So not only is the Spotify ad-supported audience composed of the people you want to reach, but because we know them and understand their listening habits, we can give you the tools to be heard by your target audience. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can target listeners based on demographics and based on their interests, the genres they listen to, or as they soundtrack specific moments throughout their day. This creates an effective and efficient experience for both listeners and advertisers. Also, 7 in 10 Spotify users say advertising on Spotify makes a brand seem relevant, young, genuine, smart, trustworthy, innovative, and reliable.⁵ Just sayin’!

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