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We picked some of our favorite audio ads created with the voiceover tool — take a listen to get inspired and see the guidance that helped them hit the right note.

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We take care of the recording, sound mixing, and producing, but you provide the script. Here are some tips for how to create an ad that resonates. More tips can be found in this article.

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Introduce yourself

Sounds obvious, right? But some campaigns don’t mention the business name audibly in their audio. Introduce your business and focus on the most important point you want the listener to walk away with. For a 30 second ad, aim for between 55-75 words.

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Personalize it

Ads that are personalized to the listener see higher engagement. If you’re targeting a specific location, consider mentioning it — for example, say, “Hey Boston!” Also, try matching any background music to the tastes of your target audience.

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Include a call to action

Clickthrough rates are ~3x higher for ads that have a direct call-to-action than those with none.¹ Ask the listener to do something like “tap now to learn more.” Adding exclusives or promotional codes to your audio ad can also make a difference. ¹Nielsen Brand Effect Studies, Dec 2018

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