How listeners hear your ad

Listening session

When it comes to delivering ads to our listeners, we don’t kill their vibe. We're thoughtful about the experience so it's seamlessly built into their listening session.

Ad experience

Your ad will consist of the up-to-30-second audio spot itself and a clickable image that is displayed for the duration of the ad.

Relevant message

Listeners hear your ad based on how you target it. Every swipe, skip, and shuffle helps power our targeting solutions so your message can be heard by the right listeners.

How ads look and sound

This is an example of the ad experience on mobile and desktop. Click the image to hear how it sounds.

How to create your ad

Ad Studio lets businesses of all sizes easily create audio ads in minutes.

» Objective

Objective Image

» Objective

Your objective will help determine the best targeting and reporting options for your campaign. Learn more about the options available for campaigns that promote an artist’s music.

» Audience

Audience Image

» Audience

Target by age, gender, location, and platform. You can also choose one additional targeting option from genre, interest, or real-time context targeting. Music-related campaigns have the option to use fan base targeting.

» Creative

Creative Image

» Creative

If you don't have an audio ad, we'll help you create and produce it using our free voiceover tool. Learn how it works. If you already have a pre-produced audio ad, you can simply upload it. You'll also add your image and clickthrough URL. Check out our audio guidelines.

» Reporting

Reporting Image

» Reporting

Stats start populating 24 hours after the campaign has started. You’ll see daily metrics like ads served, clicks, clickthrough rate, reach, and frequency, as well as audience metrics. Learn more about the additional stats you’ll see for music-related campaigns.

How to use our voiceover tool

Not sure how to make an audio ad? We got you. It's easy — and free!


Write your script

Tell us what you want your ad to say and how you want it to sound, then select your ad’s language and choose your preferred voice profile. You can also pick background music from our library of tracks recorded by independent artists.

Voiceover recorded

We’ll send your request off to our talented voiceover artists, who will record your voiceover for no additional charge. Then, we’ll mix the voiceover with your background music and produce the ad for you. Have we mentioned it’s totally free?

Review your ad

You will get a notification within 24-48 hours that your ad is ready to be reviewed in your Ad Studio account. After listening to it, you'll have the option to approve it, make changes, or reject it. Once approved, your ad is ready to be heard.

Get your message heard